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All good here

Long time no hear! I have been extremely busy while settling back to life in Finland. Obviously so busy, that the whole January just passed by. And nearly the whole February as well. In my defense, I was doing a lot - so much that I simply forgot the whole existence of my blog.  

For a moment, let's get back to my Christmas holidays. As I mentioned earlier, we were spending our holidays in the Czech Republic with Ivo's family and friends. After Christmas, we were doing several visitations, and I got to visit yet another beautiful city, Valašské Meziříčí. Yes, the name of the city is as hard to pronounce as it looks like. 
As we got to enjoy bit of the snow during our holidays, some of us wanted to go to skiing. Well, yours truly who has the balance of a giraffe was not that exited of the idea getting hospitalized, and was rather fond with the idea of warm coffee and some walking around the area. I met with an old friend, Pavel, who kept me company in a meanwhile. He kindly showed me around and as he was the old employee of the place, he knew all the coolest places. Suddenly I found myself from the kindergarten surrounded by children, who wanted to colour with me. Tak, proč ne?  

On the New Years Eve we were once again reunited with our squad. Tiia flew from Germany, and Iitu from Finland to Gdansk - from where they took a bus to Warsaw, from where we collected them with Iivo. We had a casual evening with surprisingly long morning on the next day. Me, an experienced Warsaw quide after all of the visitors during my stay, took them to see the main sights and all of my favorite places. After Warsaw we continued to Gdansk (I am there too often), to spend two days before going back to Finland. 

Back in Finland! What a strange feeling. Although I knew I would have to go back to Poland within a month to do one more exam and return my keys, it was still the time to integrate back to home again. And it was not the easiest process. I am not saying that there is that huge difference between Finland and Poland, but still quite huge change again to get used to. The first thing I noticed, was that suddenly I was able to understand everything happening around me. Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, after few months in a country where you had just silently accepted the fact that you are not able to understand anything, this seemed rather strange. And not necessarily in the good way. I will most likely write an own blog post from those differences after some time has passed.

Finnish winter was also presenting itself as its best, as we were having extremely beautiful and cold January this year. Don't know whether I am becoming more adult, but the idea of having the cold winter is not that repulsive anymore, as during my teenage years. I was looking forward to get back to Vaasa, where I would spend the next week or so with Iitu's caring company. Soon the sentence "once Erasmus, always Erasmus" started to make sense, as I again found myself making friends from the old and the new exchange students. And what would be a better way to start your semester than having a spontaneous pyjama party (or two...)? After meeting my thesis supervisor, the schedule for my spring started to form - and the day of defending my thesis is now confirmed. Only the most important thing still is missing, the thesis itself. Two months to go.   
In Vaasa, I moved to my new home. The location was easy to choose, since I had already been convinced from my friends previous experiences. So, against all the warnings I heard when I moved to Vaasa for the first time, I officially became a resident of Olympia. Varfor Paris, vi har ju Olympia? My apartment is actually really cool, it is a penthouse from where I have a marvellous view to my kingdom. The only minus point in my apartment is the fact, that the thing most similar to any kind of table is a chair loaned from Iitu... But on the other hand - who needs furnitures?
During January and February I also was spending time in Jyväskylä, a city slowly becoming more familiar and important to me. The rule of Erasmus-life also applies there, and so is the life in Jyväskylä filled with usually overly czechoslovakiased meetings. Never have I ever felt myself more unique, as in the 'Visegrad-party' where I, the weird local, was the only Finn present. At some point the temperature in Jyväskylä went down to -22 celcius, and I was enjoying every second. I bought my own skates to be able to enjoy this cold winter as much as possible, and so we went to skate to the ice of Jyväsjärvi, the local lake. I also had my birthday in January, when I turned 23. Apparently my wishes had been heard, and I am now practising my career as a Polaroid artist. Díky <3 
In the beginning of February, once more I had to return to Poland. One more time I found myself flying the distance between Turku-Gdansk-Turku, which is cheap yes, but exhausting considering the fact that I need to travel in both countries to get to my actual location. Oh well. I managed to pass my oral exam, with a bit of luck. People, never underestimate the importance of the Maastricht Treaty. Yet one more time we gathered to Pawilony with my Warsaw-squad with promises of meeting again. And surely we will, I have no doubts on that. And yet one more happy time I did a trip with the night Polskibus - and if the world didn't seem small enough before, it surely did when Ivo's Erasmus friend from Jyväskylä was doing exactly the same trip from Warsaw to Jyväskylä as me. 
Last weekend we did a trip with Ivo to Jämsä. I've discovered that one of the best things of living in the same country, is the possibility to go to these spontaneous weekend holidays together. Ivo wanted to see the world's second best rally track, which happen to locate next to my childhood neighbourhood. So we had a plan set, and we travelled to Jämsä which was basically around the corner with only the distance of 59 kilometers from Jyväskylä. About the rally track and driving itself, some of us were more exited than the others. Not to mention any names, but I had to take few deep breaths to handle the adrenaline rush caused by few tricky turns and jumps. Ivo, you will make a great rally driver one day for sure, I have my every faith in you.

Since I am now finally in Finland, and my Erasmus-semester has ended, I came to think about the future of my blog. I still have few things to write about Warsaw, and about the studies, as soon as I have time to do that. Additionally, I am going to write about these differences which I've noticed after returning to Finland, but its time is not yet. I am not sure how exclusively I will write here afterwards, but possibly I will keep it as my traveling blog - or just to inform you if there would be something important happening. We'll see!


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All good here

Long time no hear! I have been extremely busy while settling back to life in Finland. Obviously so busy, that the whole January just passed ...