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The past year has been an interesting one. Probably, at the same time, the most educating, rewarding, challenging and surprising year - over all a good one. If someone would've told me in the beginning of 2017, how much things were about to change, I wouldn't have believed them.

In the past year some paths came to their end while new ones started, the idea about what I want to study and whatnot started to form. I visited my upcoming home country in the beginning of January, and eventually made that country my home. I've had the opportunity to see more Europe this year than ever before, and broaden my knowledge of other cultures and people from around the world.

This year deserved an own blog post, because I simply want to rewise what were the highlights of my year 2017. I will include pictures from my Snap-memories to this post: random, funny or important moments captured during the year. I am welcoming the year 2018 with an open mind - hoping that it would be as great as the previous one!


On January 2017, I turned 22. We made a trip to Krakow with Iiris and Tiia to see Green Day performing live at Tauron Arena. We were also reunited with Ivo in Krakow, and so we continued our journey to his home city, Ostrava, for the first time. Before Ostrava we visited Auschwitz, which was probably one of the most important places I've seen until this day. After Ostrava, I got a chance to see Prague briefly, before I flew to home.

On January, I started my process with applying for exchange studies. It was the day after I returned from Prague to home, when I realized that the deadline for the application would be within a week. So, where I wanted to study? I didn't have a spesific country in my mind where I would've liked to spend a semester, so I started to look options based on programmes. My first choice was to study German in ZlĂ­n, but it changed soon to International Relations in Warsaw - mainly because I was done with linguistics for a while.


On February, me and Tiia were spending quality time together in Vaasa after half of our squad had left the city. This meant multiple parties, long nights in Hullu Pullo (R.I.P), starting a project called "Tatra Tea" and procrastinating at the University. I was also working the whole winter, and earning some money for the upcoming travels. On February, Ivo suddenly returned to Finland for a while. We were spending time in Tampere with him and Tiia, and we visited the Sky Bar where the event related to "best nine euros ever spent" happened. We continued to Helsinki where I showed Ivo how Finns like to entertain theirselves - so I took him to an Estonian Cruise.


On the beginning of March, the law of marriage equality came to force in Finland. 🌈 My March was full of working, and also a bit of studying - living a typical Vaasa life. I again did a trip to Ostrava, since it was terribly long since I had seen Ivo for the last time. We visited Hradec Nad Moravici, and I got to meet Ivo's family. It was one of the first times I travelled abroad alone, and I was terribly stressed. But I managed it well, from Prague to Ostrava and back just fine! Even though I managed somehow to sit next to the most social person in the train, who wanted to chat with me, naturally in czech... #mluvíteanglicky


On April me and Tiia finished our "Tatra Tea" project. I started to play piano again after a long break, and I was surprised how fast it was to return to my previous level. We did a France trip with the squad, from Paris to Troyes. Since Iitu was studying in Troyes, we wanted to visit her - a perfect excuse to travel. First we set up a meeting in Paris, where we spend few unforgettable days exploring the city and the sights. It was my first time in there, and the city was absolutely amazing. Afterwards we went to Troyes, and got to see Iitu's University and all the local places - drinking lots of wine outside, eating warm baguettes and enjoying the warm spring weather.


May started in happy way, as we had the typical finnish spring weather on the eve of May Day (Vappu) ((it was snowing)). Vappu is the main student event in whole year, so we were obviously pissed. This didn't slow us down though, we put our overalls on and went outside anyways. On the actual May Day there was already a better weather, which was suspiciously continuing almost the whole month. On May, I was mainly studying and working and eagerly waiting for summer, as we had plans to go for a roadtrip.


On June, we did a trip to our summerplace with Ivo, Pavel and Iitu. It was a warm period of otherwise quite shitty summer, so I am glad we were there at that time. We were swimming, eating and enjoying sauna, and casually stalking people with binoculars (and not to forget cookies and wine). Afterwards we went to AlajÀrvi, to see from where Iitu is. With Iivo, we did a short visitation to Stockholm. Later on June was the event I had been waiting for the long time: Biffy Clyro's concert! I was at the second road and I swear, they heard me singing, since me and the guy next to me where loud as fuck. They were pointing to us and said "fucking beautiful singing over there" <3


July was a combination of working, and holidays, since my holidays began on the middle of July. The first half was filled with hard working and also the long waited event - the new season of Game of Thrones was launched. The second part was more exiting, as we finally went to our roadtrip with Iitu and Ivo. First we met in Prague, where we spend two days before going to Ostrava. We attended to the Colours of Ostrava, and were partying four days straight - and you could see that the day after Colours when we were accidently clanking our coffee mugs together...

The first stop in our roadtrip was in Wroclaw, Poland. The next stop was in Sompolno, where we met our friend Oskar, who is from there. In Sompolno we were treated like celebrities, since foreigners visiting in their relatively small town, was something new. With Osku we continued to Poznan, where we spend two days or so, before moving to Berlin. In Berlin we met Ivo's cousin Martin, who showed us around the city. After Berlin, we continued our journey through Dresden to Karlovy Vary.  From there we went to Brno where we had quite spontaneous and unforgettable party, and survived to Ostrava in the same night/morning. We continued our journey with Iitu to Vienna, which was a lovely city but unfortunately +36 of degrees was a bit too much to handle. The summary of roadtrip would be too much fried cheese and the legendary joke about "not everything green is safe".


On August I had my few last shifts in work. I started to pack my things from Vaasa, and finally in the end of the August I moved out. It was the end of an era, since me and Aleksi were living together in total over three years! Later in August, for some unknown reason, Ivo moved back to Finland. To do his second Erasmus to be more spesific, in JyvÀskylÀ. I also integrated myself quite smartly to JyvÀskylÀ, and gained few friends from there in a meanwhile, and got to experience a bit of Erasmus life before even starting my own.


On September, when I was officially homeless for the first two weeks, I was traveling between Helsinki, Tampere, JyvÀskylÀ and Vaasa to be with my friends and family. Then it was time for me to move to Warsaw. I was extremely terrified, but somehow on the day when I had to leave, it didn't feel like a bad idea after all. After I arrived to Warsaw I was momentarily clueless what to do, alone in a new city. Luckily University started on the next day, and I met my friends on the very first lecture of our intensive Polish Course. Later in September, I attended on a trip in Hungary and Romania.


On October, my Warsaw life started to get normal. Meaning that my lectures were all going on, and the normal life started to form. I started my gym membership. We had some parties with Warsaw-squad and Polish Vodka. I was enjoying the autumn in Warsaw, the last warm moments, and spending time in library by studying. At the same time, I was spending my time as a tourist in my own city, since in Warsaw there are numerous sights to see and things to try. Later in October, I travelled to Finland - and had nice relaxing holidays with my family and my friends. 


November was pretty much filled with the planning of my next semester. First when I arrived to Warsaw my plan was to extend my studies for the second semester, but I reached the conclusion that I rather want to graduate from Vaasa on time. This meant lot of work from me, since I needed to figure out how to write my thesis in such a rush. On November, I was studying a lot since surprisingly they were expecting that also from us, Erasmus-students... Later on November, I got visitors to Warsaw - when Ivo and my friends from Czech Republic arrived. 


In December, I was hanging out in Starbucks more than I would like to admit, and drank numerous cappuchinos while I was working with my essays and studies. I attended the independence-day celebration organized on behalf of Finnish Embassy in Warsaw. I was in the concert of Enter Shikari, and remembered how fun it actually is to go to concerts alone. We were spending my last normal day in Warsaw by eating piles of food, and taking embarrassing tourist photos. My Finnish Friends came to Gdansk, and we travelled to Cracow. We were hyping over the new Star Wars. I travelled to Ostrava to spend the Christmas with Ivo and his family, and we spent our holidays by meeting relatives and friends. On New Years eve, we went to Warsaw, where we celebrated the change of year with the squad. 🎇

2018 - bring it on!

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