maanantai 25. joulukuuta 2017

Päivän sana slaavi, fuck skandinaavi

First of all, where did the time go? I am currently (19.12) spending my last "normal day" here in Warsaw, as I am leaving tomorrow to spend Christmas to Ostrava. Next time I'll come back here, it will be only for holidays, and I will have the whole squad here for new years. Then I will return to Finland. It feels sad to leave the Warsaw-life behind, but I really need to return to Vaasa and start to focus on my thesis.
Last week my Suomi-Squad visited me in Poland. Aada unfortunately fell sick just day before the journey, so she had to stay home - but Aleksi and Taru were able to come to Gdansk. Eventually, I mean. Their first flight was cancelled because of the snow storm in Finland. As if that would've ever stopped anything in Finland though, I am a bit disappointed... :D Well, I had a day in Gdansk with myself and I managed to do some minor progress with my thesis in a meanwhile. Also I had a room for six people just for myself, no big deal, a basic day.
The next day finally my friends got to their flight, and so I went to the airport to pick them up. We had scheduled one day to spend in Gdansk, so I took they through the main sights. We went to eat Pierogi's in Mandu, which we discovered a good place last time in Gdansk with Ivo. My friends were amazed of the prices, which are starting to feel scarily normal for me, I will have hard time to face the prices in Finland again...
On the evening we had a flight to Krakow. I usually never fly with domestic flights, but actually the flight was way much cheaper than the train would've been, and it took four hours less. As we wanted to save some time, and money, the choice was easy. When we reached Krakow, the first essential thing was to have a drink in Bania Luka. (The infamous bar where I almost died in January, it was good to be back!).

We had actually some really exiting programme, since the new Star Wars had its premiere. Naturally, we needed to see it immediately, so I booked the tickets in advance for us. AND OH MY GOD. The film. I am still processing what I saw, but if you haven't seen it yet, please do as soon as possible.

Krakow was as amazing as I remembered. I was there almost an year ago, and surprisingly well I remembered the places. We were shamelessly acting as touristic way as we could, and so we took annoying pictures with, well, everything. Thanks for Aleksi, now I have a terrible urge to buy a Polaroid-camera, since it might be the coolest thing ever. Can I?

We spend two days in Krakow, and it was totally enough since we were walking almost the whole time. Of course, we also had to try their trams because someone wise once said that "whenever you are in new city, always try the tram". And cool trams they had. Really nice.

It was a pleasure for me to show Poland to my friends, who had never been there. Next time we will see each other in Finland, quite soon, but to have them in my current home country was special to me. Now I have terribly much things to organize before I can relax, and start to get to the Christmas spirit. So probably, I'll be in the spirit somewhere around February. No, but to be honest, I am really exited about this Christmas. I'll get to see Czech Christmas, with its traditions, can't wait!

Do widzenia,

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