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Warszawa with dear guests

I got to spend some time with my friends from the Czech Republic, as they visited Warsaw about two weeks ago. Ivo arrived on Wednesday followed by the rest of the group arriving on Thursday afternoon, after some troubles with the Polish railways - how unexpected! It was their first time in Warsaw, and I, a local with the experience of few months, was more than delighted to be their quide.

So I took my guests to some of the necessary places,
starting from my favorite milk bar to the Lazienski park and the (in)famous shotbar Chupito. The principle of the bar is that you need to point what you want, and hope for the best. You cannot really guess the taste since the shots have names such as LOL and Pikachu. We took the part of the Old Town's Free Walkative Tour, which was in my opinion extremely interesting. I learned lot of new things about Warsaw's history I didn't know before, and I would recommend everyone who's visiting Warsaw to take part on this tour to learn about the city in more detailed way. It's starting everyday 10.30am from Zygmunt’s Column on the Castle Square and it's free of charge! We also visited the Cultural Palace but somehow we didn't quite reach the viewing terrace - next time we'll manage to do that, for sure ;)

Others left on Friday evening, but luckily Ivo stayed with me until the next Thursday. We did some essential Ivo-sightseeing, so we travelled around with trams and metro. With the best possible company (and terribly overpriced coffee from Costa) it was rather nice activity. We visited the railway museum which had a cool backyard full of old locomotives - creating the nice contrast between the city and its skyscrapers right next to the place.

We visited the Uprising Museum, which was probably one of best museums where I've been in Warsaw -  educating and interesting place with well built exhibition. It'd be another place to visit if you'd ever find yourself from Warsaw, admission on Sundays is free. After the museum we went to eat pierogis because obviously, when in Poland, you need to eat them as much as you can! Especially if and when you have only one month left in the country...

On Wednesday we headed to Gdansk. As did the first snow this year, winter is here. It was relaxing to spend time in Gdansk, after the busy week in capital. We had enough time to check all the essential places in the old town, and we also somehow managed to end up to a middle of an advertisement shooting. Not that we would have minded, but it happened that they'd decided to build their set right in front of our hostel, so our access there was denied. But clever as we are, we just basically went around the set and managed to sneak to our room.

Next day Ivo flew back to the cold country and I stayed in Gdansk for couple more hours. It was enough time to take a tram to an important location, as you can see from the picture above. #onlyfunforfinns. Soon it is December and my final month here begins. Still I got lot of studying to do, not to mention about essays - and when I'll be back in Finland it is finally time to concentrate on my thesis. On the next week there will be an important day, 6.12., when Finland will celebrate its 100th independence day. I have a plan to attend an independence day event held in Warsaw's Finnish Embassy. It is the first time I'm abroad during the independence day, and even though traditionally the main programme of the day has not been fancier than to watch other people shaking hands, it would feel weird not to celebrate at all.

Do widzenia,

(ps. I was not trying to escape, but I saw some ducks over there.<3 )

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