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A spontaneous holiday

Two weeks ago, I had a week-off from University. Meaning that I didn't have lectures where I would've had to attend. I thought it was time to change the scenery, and as I found myself missing my family and friends, I knew where I wanted to go.

So I made a sudden desicion to visit Finland. Not for a longer time, just for a week. Only few people knew about it, the rest came to know when I arrived to their doors. Why bother to tell that I'm coming, right? I found a pretty good deal from Gdansk to Turku - the tickets to there and back were less than train tickets from Helsinki to Vaasa and back :D. And if I wanted to visit Finland before January, the only time to do it was before my studies were about to get more intensive!  
My first task was to travel to Gdansk. Since my flight was about to leave at 9am, the earliest train would've been too late. I decided to travel with PolskiBus (yeah, local OnniBus). Again I got to experience the benefits of night traveling, and the joy of sleeping in a bus. But I have no complaints - I am getting professional in this so I slept almost the whole journey. Next task was to find a bus to the airport. It was easy by using the lifesaving app Jakdojade. It works actually in every major city in Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow and so on...) - so if you are ever traveling in Poland, this app will save lot of time from you!

I dont know why I had the image that the airport would be small. Probably because the destination from there was Turku, I thought they would be somehow comparable. But no! Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport seemed lot bigger than I thought. After arriving to my gate I heard Finnish for the second time in Poland after I arrived in September. The first time I heard Finnish was in Chopin Museum in Warsaw. I outrageously crossed the line of Finnish personal bubble by looking at them and smiling. (#finnishnightmares) But to hear your own language in a country, where you barely have a common language with natives, feels surreal - especially when the language is as minor as Finnish.

My runaway trip back to Finland was full of activities - I visited four cities within the one week. That is what happens when your friends and family are living all around the Finland and you obviously want to see them all. My first destination was Helsinki, where I met my dear friends Aada and Taru. After a long "one and a half months" without seeing each other we finally got to spend time together again, being restless as always.

After Helsinki, I headed to Jyväskylä. I wanted to see Ivo, even though I knew he would come to Warsaw soon. The only minor tiny little detail was that I quite forgot to inform that I would be coming to Finland, so he was rather surprised when he realised who is there standing outside his window :D In Jyväskylä we threw a party with Erasmus students and Polish vodka. Small tip, if you ever book a common room and there is someone coming after you - fear not! You can always negotiate to combining your partys, or like in our case wait for the latter party to simply die out before it even begun.
For the weekend I had some plans in Vaasa. Like with Ivo's case, I had a small surprise to my beloved Iitu who thought I would be in other side of the Europe. We appeared to her door and our small squad was almost whole again - expect our fourth member Tiia who is currently in Germany, we missed you! On Saturday we attended to a Halloween party at Aleksi's and Alissa's place and I was reunited with both of my cats (who ungratefully were rather sleeping than cuddling with me...)

We visited a viewing tower in Svedjehamn, which is on the coast, even further from the Replot bridge, basically somewhere almost in Sweden. We rewarded ourselves with some munkki after climbing to the tower but it was also worth to climb just for the view! The next destination after Vaasa was Tampere. There I spent nice two days with my parents and the endless amount of food. No kidding, they were serving food in a manner if I hadn't eaten in ages.

Now as I am back to Warsaw, it is time to concentrate on my studies again. I will have a dear visitor, Iivo coming here on Wednesday, and on Thursday even more friends are coming! I am thrilled to show them around in my hometown, and share my favorite places with them - see you soon guys! <3

Do widzenia,
- Iiris

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