perjantai 20. lokakuuta 2017

Busy town, busy life

In these past weeks I've had some really busy days. Not because of the assignments, but because of the general rush to everywhere. I do not have even that much lectures, actually only on Mondays and on Wednesdays - but there is so much to see and to do here that staying still seems like an impossible task! Yesterday I took a day-off and finally read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Unlike I thought, I was not disappointed, not at all. I actually cried a bit (terribly lot) while I was reading it, so if you feel like opening the old wounds, you should read it too.

The thing I really miss here in Warsaw is playing piano. I started to play the piano again last summer, after several years of break. Now when I don't have a chance to do it, I've realized how much I actually enjoy the playing. It should not be a problem to find someone from here to give me the lessons though, after all Warsaw is the home town of Frédéric Chopin. The only problem could be the language-barrier between me and my teacher. So where to find a piano that I can play? I do have some plans about sneaking to an airport, I'm even willing to give free concerts - especially if and when people want to hear bit-unrehearsed-and-probably-quite-awful piano covers from Game of Thrones.

Few days ago I attended an event which was held in the memory of Chopin. The event took place in the Holy Cross Church. They played the whole Requiem from Mozart as a tribute to him. Oh and the concert - it was amazing. 55 minutes well spent.

I'm planning do an own blog post later explaining more from the courses I am attending here. I want to mention the names of the classes I'm taking part to, so you'll get a better vision of my studies. The courses I'm taking on this semester are,

1. Asymmetric threats,
2. History of European Integration,
3. International Migration,
4. Political and Economic Geography,
5. International Relations in Central Europe and
6. International Protection of Human rights.
I will still have to do some selection, since I am only allowed to do courses worth for 30ECTS, and these six in total are more than 40..

I went to the Museum of Modern Art one day since it is only five minutes away from our University library where I am spending lot of time. They had an interesting art exhibition there, it was a nice and relaxing way to spend a rainy afternoon. There are still lot of museums to see, next I want to go to the National Museum and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

We finally visited the sightseeing terrace on top of the Cultural Palace with Nathalie last week. The views were striking - you could really see how big city Warsaw is in fact. Afterwards we went to an Israeli restaurant (because hummus is life), and we got enormous amount of food for free after we had ordered our meals. It seems it was somehow included to the offer - anyway, good deal, I would say. For those who'll visit me, I will take each and every one of you to eat there!

One day my friend Robert decided to cook for us. We have a "deal" that we cook to each other by turns, and he started it in an excellent way! I am still not that sure what we ate, but I know it tasted wonderful. He was a good friend and made me a vegetarian version, even though it was not the "correct version". Speaking of food, I have a new favorite lunch restaurant here! It is called Wegetarianski Bar Mleczny, and as the name says it is a vegetarian restaurant, with Polish food. I have been there probably eight times during the last three weeks, so they pretty much start to know my face. Everytime I go there I'm trying to speak more in Polish and less in English. The staff there is really friendly, and food tasty and cheap!

We had a nice evening last week in a pub called Kufle i Kapsle. They are offering 16 different special beers there, and they have a deal that you can taste four of them with 20zlotys (~5€). We basically went through the whole list testing every beer, and rating them from 1 to 5. They were not the best beers ever - I swear some of them tasted like coffee which is not, surprisingly, a good combination. I am not actually sure which beer we chose as the winner, so we'll probably need to go back to re-do the test.

Few weeks ago we headed to the Łazienki Park with Tuuli. We chose a nice, sunny day to go there and we got to experience the golden autumn of Poland. The park is full of wildlife - the cutest ducks, some scary swans which were coming really close to us and lot of friendly squirrels looking for food. Łazienki park was one of the most beautiful parks I've seen here so far.

I ordered some photos from Empik to cover my empty walls. Now I have a collection about selected moments from last year, now my room starts to feel like home. It is crazy that there are only two months left of this year, and then it'll be 2018. I have some nice plans for christmas, and before it we are planning to do a trip to Krakow. Also, we are planning to go to Amsterdam in November with my friends from Finland, so if someone has good tips what to do there, let me know! Let's see what trips I'll invent before these and/or after - I really do have troubles of staying still.

Do widzenia,
- Iiris

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